I am Kevin Olson and reside in the great state of New Jersey, where we live off the fat off the land and the fat of the governor (I keed the Governor…). I have always had an affinity for music and have been an audiophile-type since the mid 1970’s. My career has mostly been in Broadcasting, Radio and Television in the technical end of things.


Audiolog is a (b)log devoted to music reproduction with an emphasis on the equipment used to bring music into our homes. The intent is to be a bit freewheeling, both new and older equipment will be featured. I don’t believe that everything new is automatically better than the products of the past, neither do I think the ’70’s happened and everyone forgot how to design decent equipment. All is fair game.

There will also be commentary on interesting and/or good sounding recordings and the philosophy of home music playback.


Simply because I think it will be fun! And I hope maybe some of my readers will find what I have to say interesting, informative or thought-provoking. And, hopefully, entertaining.


I will be posting about equipment I own, have owned, lent for review or heard in my travels. Reviews will only be for equipment I own or have available for review for a significant length of time. Short term loans or show/dealer/audiophile friend listening experiences will be listed under Musings and should be considered as even less definitive than the full Reviews (he said with a smirk). I don’t consider myself any kind of “guru”, so no need to get wired up if you disagree with me on something. While I will always try to be as accurate as I can, I don’t suggest you take my (or, frankly, anyone else’s) opinions definitively (and as always, please, no wagering).



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